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Working Group Chairs


The Working Group (WG) Chairs meeting provides an opportunity for all WG and sub-WG co-chairs to gather for coordination, collaboration, and planning of PRIMED Consortium activities. The primary goals of this meeting are to foster collaborative engagement across the PRIMED WGs and Study Sites, provide chairs with an opportunity to report on and coordinate their WG activities to ensure synergy and avoid duplication of effort, and identify priority areas of work for the Consortium to address and which WG(s) will take ownership. Additionally, this meeting provides an opportunity for updates on AnVIL usage and development efforts. The members of this meeting will ensure visibility of activities happening across the WGs to Consortium members, both via reporting and presentations. They will identify WG recommendations and decisions that should be brought to the Steering Committee, the governing body of the Consortium, for report or approval as needed, and they will provide updates to all Consortium members, for example, via report outs at All Hands meetings.