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Leveraging Diversity in Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts and Novel Methods to Improve Polygenic Risk Scores (PRIMED-Cancer)

This project will construct and evaluate polygenic risk scores (PRS), and estimate absolute and excess relative risk for several cancers jointly for PRS and established risk factors in multiethnic populations from six large-scale, longstanding cohorts. This research will inform the development and implementation of risk models across populations to better guide public health screening and potentially inform clinicians and patients in treatment decisions regarding cancer.

This project is led by David Conti (USC, contact PI) and John Witte (Stanford, MPI). The Project Scientist is Leah Mechanic (NCI).

Contact PI
  • David Conti (PRIMED-Cancer,  University of Southern California)
  • John Witte (PRIMED-Cancer,  Stanford University)
Program Officer
Project Scientist