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Analysis Tools

The PRIMED consortium is using the NHGRI Analysis Visualization and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) for shared data storage and collaborative analysis in the cloud. One of the primary ways to perform data analysis and/or share analysis code on AnVIL is via a workflow. Workflows developed as part of PRIMED are located in the PRIMED organization on Dockstore. To use a workflow, click on its Dockstore link and then “Launch with -> AnVIL”.


sim_admixed is a WDL workflow encapsulating the admix-kit software package. 

  • The workflow uses HAPGEN2 to simulate ancestral populations from reference data, and then simulates generations of admixture from the simulated ancestral populations.
  • The final step in the workflow generates data tables in the PRIMED data model. 
  • The run_hapgen and run_admix steps may also be run separately.