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Affiliate Members

The PRIMED Consortium offers Affiliate Membership tiers to enable investigators not otherwise eligible for Core Membership to actively participate in and contribute to the scientific activities and mission of the PRIMED Consortium. As of spring 2023, two tiers have been established: an “Expertise Only” affiliate tier and a “Data Affiliate” tier. For more information, please see:

Affiliate groups

Group Lead Affiliate Type Date approved
Iyer / Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Hari Iyer (Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey)
Expertise Only 15 May 2024
Burnett-Hartman / NIH
Expertise Only 21 Feb 2024
Hung / University of Toronto
Expertise Only 5 Feb 2024
Yanek / GeneSTAR
Lisa Yanek (EPIC-PRS,  Johns Hopkins University)
Data Contributor Application not necessary
Rivas / Stanford University
Expertise Only 18 Oct 2023
Barzilay / CHOP-University of Pennsylvania
Expertise Only 20 Sep 2023
Mercader / MGBB
Data Contributor Application not necessary
Glover / Duke University
Expertise Only 16 Aug 2023
Cobran / Mayo Clinic
Expertise Only 19 Apr 2023
Duan / Harvard University
Expertise Only 22 Dec 2022
Cao / Florida State University
Expertise Only 21 Sep 2022