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Data Affiliate Membership Application

PRIMED Affiliate Membership offers the opportunity for subject matter experts and data contributors not eligible for Core Membership to actively participate in and contribute to the scientific activities and mission of the PRIMED Consortium. Before applying, please see the PRIMED Affiliate Membership Policy for more detail about Affiliate Membership eligibility criteria, benefits, and responsibilities. 

Interested investigators should complete and submit the form below. Note this application form is for the Data Affiliate tier. Submissions are reviewed by the PRIMED Executive and Steering Committees. An application can come from ​​a contact PI on behalf of a single- or multi-institutional study or consortium.

* - required

Applicant Information

Are you applying from a private sector and/or for-profit entity?
(If Yes, application may require additional review by NIH program office.)
Are you offering cost-free or in-kind services to the PRIMED Consortium?
(If Yes, application may require additional review by NIH program office.)
PRIMED Working Groups in which you would like to participate, if any (check all that apply)

Description of study, cohort, or consortium that you propose to contribute to PRIMED

 (include rough sample size for key phenotypes, case counts for binary outcomes; alternatively provide link(s) to this information)
 Please specify how age is being defined, e.g., age at recruitment, onset, or blood draw.

  • Nationality: Chinese (60%), Japanese (40%);
  • Race or ethnicity: African American (50%), Mexican American (30%), Non-Hispanic White (20%)
  • Genetically inferred ancestry: European ancestry (60%), African ancestry (20%), East Asian ancestry (15%), South Asian ancestry (5%)
 e.g. city(ies), country(ies) where participants were recruited
  1. Molecular Data Type, e.g. WGS, WES, genotyping array, Genomic Summary Results (GSR), Imputed genotypes, RNA-Seq or other omics
  2. Approximate number of study participants with this data type
  3. Platform (e.g. Illumina HiSeq X)
  4. Please note any key differences from the full study/cohort description in the previous questions, e.g. phenotype focus, dataset-specific ascertainment or sampling design etc. If the Molecular Data was generated through another study/consortium, please note the name.
If you would like to discuss additional contributions or if a dataset would be relevant, please contact the PRIMED Coordinating Center.

Please refer to the following as an example for how to format your response(s): 
  1. WGS on 1,000 participants in TOPMed - Illumina HiSeq X, selected for early afib
  2. RNA-Seq on 1,000 participants in TOPMed - Illumina HiSeq X, selected for early afib (same as those with TOPMed WGS)
  3. Genotyping array on 8,000 participants through NHLBI SHARe - Affymetrix SNP Array 6.0, selected for broad phenotype availability and incident CVD event status; 1000G imputation available
  4. GSR from a GWAS of 5K case-control (1000 cases) from Affymetrix SNP Array 6.0, several phenotypes (afib and risk factors); these study-specific GSR also contributed to meta analysis in CHARGE

Please indicate if you will enter into any PRIMED data sharing circles
(Check all that apply.)
Does your study/consortium wish to opt into the CDSA study review process where designated study contacts (see question below) would receive emails to review PRIMED proposals that aim to use the data you are contributing?

This optional process allows a study/consortium to approve/disapprove and leave comments regarding the use of the study/consortium’s data on a per-proposal basis, thus, giving CDSA DATA AFFILIATES oversight over how their data is used within the PRIMED-SAG. Note that if you answer “No,” consent and data use limitations are still to be adhered to in all PRIMED analyses and proposals, as a term of the CDSA. 

Note: this should be a subset of those listed in the Applicant Research Team below.

Applicant Research Team

(names, contact email, and role within the research group, one name per line) If none to list, enter “none.”
E.g. “Anya Smith,, Project Manager
        José Hernandez,, Postdoctoral Fellow”
If none to list, enter “none.”
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