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Diabetes Polygenic RIsk Scores in Multiple ancestries (D-PRISM)

Diabetes Polygenic RIsk Scores in Multiple ancestries (D-PRISM) is led by Josep Mercader (contact PI) and Alisa Manning (MPI) from the Broad and Maggie Ng (MPI) from VUMC, along with 32 co-investigators across 5 countries. D-PRISM work will focus on improving polygenic risk score prediction of diabetes and progression across the lifespan in diverse ancestries using the PRS-CS method and its extensions. Their study includes more than 1.5M individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and/or related complications from diverse ancestries. Results from this study will demonstrate how genomic data can inform more efficient and targeted preventive strategies within healthcare systems and across ethnically diverse populations.

Contact PI
  • Maggie Ng (D-PRISM,  Vanderbilt University Medical Center)
Program Officer
  • Robb Rowley (NIH,  National Institutes of Health)