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EndoPhenotype InCorporated PRS (EPIC-PRS)

Yun Li (UNC, contact PI), Nancy Cox (VUMC, MPI), and Alex Reiner (FHCRC/UW, MPI) are leading a study site that will focus on creating PRS-adjusted laboratory values, which are used routinely for diagnosing and monitoring the progression of disease but manifest substantial differences across racial/ethnic groups. They anticipate these PRS-adjusted laboratory values will reduce structural health disparities and improve prediction of relevant clinical endpoints. They additionally leverage important aspects of population genetics, including local ancestry information and population-specific selection signatures, to construct better predictive PRS in admixed populations. 

Contact PI
  • Yun Li (EPIC-PRS,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Nancy Cox (D-PRISM,  EPIC-PRS,  Vanderbilt University Medical Center)
Program Officer
  • Robb Rowley (NIH,  National Institutes of Health)