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Methods Review


The Methods Review WG will review and summarize currently-available methods and software for developing and validating PRS, focusing on their use in diverse ancestry populations. This review will identify key topics for new methods and software development by PRIMED investigators. In addition, WG members will, with AnVIL developers, assess the availability of state-of-the-art PRS software on AnVIL and describe how methods developers can ensure approaches are feasible at scale using AnVIL. Based on the key topics identified, this WG will propose subsequent analysis- and methods-focused WGs to operate within PRIMED. Early measures of the success of the WG will be deployment of PRS software on AnVIL and production of a review paper on the current state of PRS methods and their applicability -- or otherwise -- to diverse ancestry populations. The PRIMED Methods Review WG may be wound up after the subsequent analysis- and methods-focused WGs are sufficiently scoped and established.