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Methods Development


The Methods Development WG will develop, compare, and apply polygenic risk score (PRS) methods using a diversity first approach. The WG prioritizes methods that leverage cross  ancestry information to improve the transferability of PRS across diverse populations. A key focus is the development, application, and evaluation of PRS approaches in diverse populations, with special consideration for admixture. In addition, WG members and software developers will make novel and existing PRS software available on AnVIL for broad collaboration and widespread use within PRIMED and beyond. The WG will propose new sub-WGs focused on new methodological topics as they may arise (e.g., admixture-centric PRS; functionally-informed PRS, etc). Measures of the success of the WG will be the development of methods, documentation / recommendations on best practices for PRS use,  and implementation of the corresponding software on AnVIL. Projects will be disseminated to PRIMED and the broader community through peer-reviewed publications where appropriate.


Past co-chairs
Nov 2021 - Jul 2023 John Witte (PRIMED-Cancer, Stanford University)