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The Methods Working Group is a forum where PRIMED investigators introduce, develop, and disseminate new PGS methodologies to address disparities. The WG prioritizes methods that leverage cross ancestry information to improve the transferability of PRS across diverse populations. A key focus is the collaborative development, application, and evaluation of PRS approaches in diverse populations, with special consideration for admixture. The WG will identify key methodological topics as they may arise (e.g., admixture-centric PRS; functionally-informed PRS, etc) and provide opportunity for cross-Consortium discussion and collaboration to address these topics. Measures of the success of the WG will be the development of new methods as well as Consortium generated documentation and recommendations on best practices for PRS use in diverse populations. Projects will be disseminated to PRIMED and the broader community through peer-reviewed publications where appropriate.


  1. Develop new methods and guidelines for PRS in diverse ancestries, with an emphasis on cross-Consortium efforts 
  2. Develop a PRS benchmarking and evaluation framework
  3. Evaluate approaches to incorporate genetic ancestry in PRS for admixed populations, including local ancestry and continuous measures of ancestry
  4. Collaborate with the SDoH WG to provide guidance on how SDoH measures affect PRS development and evaluation


Prior Sub-WGs


Past co-chairs
Nov 2021 - Jul 2023 John Witte (PRIMED-Cancer, Stanford University)