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Data Sharing


The Data Sharing WG will collaborate on developing policies and processes (e.g. Consortium Data Sharing Agreement, Consortium Data Sharing Policies) to share data within the PRIMED Consortium. The data to be shared include individual-level genotype and phenotype data (source and harmonized) and summary statistics from the studies and consortia proposed by the Study Sites for either PRS development or validation. An initial priority for this WG will be to understand the opportunities and constraints for intra-Consortium sharing of the studies and consortia proposed by Study Sites, especially those that are governed by groups not affiliated with the PRIMED Consortium. The policies and processes developed by this WG will need to facilitate sharing within Consortium workspaces on the AnVIL platform and anticipate subsequent data release to the scientific community, primarily on AnVIL (also via PGS Catalog, etc). Initially, the WG scope will include both technical aspects of data sharing (e.g., establishment of AnVIL workspaces) as well as policy aspects (e.g., data use limitations), though further development and specification technical aspects of data sharing may exceed the scope of this WG.

  • Yuji Zhang (CARDINAL,  University of Maryland Baltimore )
Past co-chairs
November 2021 - December 2022 Bamidele Tayo (Loyola University Chicago, CARDINAL)
November 2021 - December 2022 Quenna Wong (U of Washington, CC)