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Data Analysis


The Data Analysis Working Group provides guidance, resources, and support to cross-Consortium and prioritized Consortium projects in PRIMED. This WG will create instructions and best-practices to guide projects in their use of AnVIL, maintain data harmonization procedures, and update data standards. With the goal of supporting cross-Consortium and prioritized Consortium projects, the WG focuses on helping analysts identify and use genotype and phenotype data, and assists with developing harmonization plans when needed. In collaboration with analysts, the WG will identify roadblocks to performing analysis, brainstorm potential solutions, and facilitate cross-WG collaboration when additional input is needed.


  1. Forum to present and discuss project proposals and analysis protocols, with an emphasis on supporting cross-Consortium efforts
  2. Construct harmonized cross-study datasets and update variable definitions, data harmonization plans, standards, and instructions as needed
  3. Implement PRS methods, harmonization, QC, and imputation tools on AnVIL
  4. Refine and implement approaches for genetic ancestry inference