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PRIMED Eligibility List

The PRIMED Eligibility List (EL) below is the list of investigators eligible to enter into PRIMED Consortium-wide data sharing mechanisms (e.g., eligible to submit a PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP application or eligible to be an investigator REPRESENTATIVE signing the PRIMED Consortium Data Sharing Agreement, CDSA). Note that EL members do not gain access to Consortium datasets until they are approved via the relevant data access mechanism (e.g., DACs have approved relevant Data Access Requests on a PRIMED coordinated dbGaP application, or a signed and executed CDSA has been submitted to the Coordinating Center).

For PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP applications, the EL doubly serves as the External Collaborators List, to be appended to PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP applications in lieu of manually inputting names and institutions for collaborator applicants from other institutions (as described in the Instructions for PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP Applications). A list of dbGaP project applicants who have submitted PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP applications and informed the CC is tracked on the dbGaP application records webpage. Only those applicants who have informed the CC (i.e. appear on the records webpage) and who have an approved DAR to a given dataset will have access to that dataset in the PRIMED Coordinated dbGaP data sharing circle.

For the PRIMED CDSA, the CDSA records webpage maintains lists of investigator representatives and studies/cohorts who have signed, users who have data access, and AnVIL workspaces containing PRIMED CDSA data.

Date of last addition or removal: 9/27/2023

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Name Institution(s) Study Site or Center
Sally Adebamowo University of Maryland Baltimore CARDINAL
Paul Auer Medical College of Wisconsin EPIC-PRS
Ran Barzilay Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Chanock National Institutes of Health PRIMED-Cancer
David Conti University of Southern California PRIMED-Cancer
Nancy Cox Vanderbilt University Medical Center D-PRISM, EPIC-PRS
LaShaunta "Tay" Glover Duke University
Eimear Kenny Mount Sinai CAPE
Peter Kraft National Institutes of Health PRIMED-Cancer
Iftikhar Kullo Mayo Clinic PREVENT
Leslie Lange University of Colorado CAPE
Loic Le Marchand University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center PRIMED-Cancer
Yun Li University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill EPIC-PRS
Alisa Manning Broad Institute D-PRISM
Rasika Mathias National Institutes of Health EPIC-PRS
Josep Mercader Broad Institute D-PRISM
Pradeep Natarajan Broad Institute FFAIRR-PRS
Maggie Ng Vanderbilt University Medical Center D-PRISM
Bogdan Pasaniuc University of California Los Angeles CAPE
Ulrike "Riki" Peters Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center PRIMED-Cancer
Alexander "Alex" Reiner Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center EPIC-PRS
Kenneth "Ken" Rice University of Washington CC
Lori Sakoda Kaiser Permanente PRIMED-Cancer
Dan Schaid Mayo Clinic PREVENT
Bamidele Tayo Loyola University of Chicago CARDINAL
John Witte Stanford University PRIMED-Cancer
Lisa Yanek Johns Hopkins University EPIC-PRS