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All Hands


The PRIMED All Hands Committee comprises the full Consortium (core and affiliate members) and meets monthly to share Consortium works-in-progress, engage with guest presenters, and discuss Consortium-wide activities.

The monthly All Hands meetings typically include three elements:

  • a keynote presentation from a guest presenter or PRIMED member on timely topic(s) of mutual interest in PRIMED, with subsequent open discussion;
  • one to two short presentations/pitches for collaborative projects or efforts from PRIMED members, and 
  • general announcements and updates. 

Topics for the collaborative presentations/pitches might include recently conceived or submitted paper proposals, with a call for interested participants to reach out to proposer(s) to get involved; new Working Group (WG) products or efforts; or introductions and invitations to join new WGs or sub-WGs.

Past co-chairs
Jul 2021 - Jun 2023 Sally Adebamowo (CARDINAL, University of Maryland Baltimore)
July 2021 - Nov 2022 Nancy Cox (D-PRISM, EPIC-PRS, Vanderbilt University Medical Center)