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Core Membership Policy

Date Approved: December 9, 2021

Date of Last Update: January 21, 2022

Version: 1.1


This Policy defines eligibility, benefits, and responsibilities of membership in the NIH-funded Polygenic Risk Methods in Diverse Populations (PRIMED) Consortium.


An individual is eligible for membership in the PRIMED Consortium if they are supported by a PRIMED Consortium grant (Study Site or Coordinating Center), are a trainee working with funded individuals and actively involved in Consortium work, are staff supporting funded individuals, or are NIH extramural program staff working with the PRIMED Consortium.

An individual will be confirmed for membership by the Coordinating Center following a request from the PI (contact or multiple, or their designee) of a PRIMED Consortium grant (Study Site or Coordinating Center) or NIH PRIMED Program Officer, attesting to the above eligibility requirements.

Benefits of membership include receiving Consortium-wide invites and communications via a Consortium member distribution list. Members also receive access to the internal portion of the Consortium website, which includes notes and other materials from Committee and Working Group meetings, a Consortium directory with affiliation and contact information for all members, and a Consortium calendar.

Responsibilities of membership include maintaining an updated user account and secure login to the internal Consortium website and signing a Consortium Code of Conduct that includes adherence to all Consortium policies and procedures and maintaining confidentiality of unpublished scientific results (i.e. information posted to internal Consortium website and/or discussed at internal Consortium meetings).

Change Log

V1.1 - Added language to clarify that trainees working with funded individuals on Consortium work can be core members

V1.0 - Initial Policy. Approved by PRIMED Steering Committee on December 9, 2021.